Scarlett Robotics

Scarlett Robotics

What is the Scarlett Robotics Team?

The students at Scarlett Robotics are proud to announce that we are entering our 0th year of participating in the FIRST Robotics Competition. FIRST Robotics is a US-based, sponsor-led robotics organization that encourages young people across North America and the Globe to participate in robotics. Two years ago our team won the Canadian Rockies Regional in Calgary and competed in the FRC World Championships in Houston, Texas. It was an amazing experience and put us in perspective of what our club can achieve and become. This competition will reveal the world of engineering, industrial design, and project management to an enthusiastic group of students. Our team is organized into teams of project managers, electrical technicians, industrial designers, mechanical technicians and programmers. This is a student-led initiative, made up of about 30 students from grades 10, 11, and 12 at our high school, while the school administration is primarily there for general support and encouragement.

What are our goals?

  1. To involve! - We wish to involve as many students as possible in this club and give them opportunities to discover more about STEM. At the high school level, there are not many STEM related clubs or extra curricular activities that students can pursue. Our robotics team gives students the unique opportunity to get involved in something that can help them discover their passions.
  2. To train! - Not only do we want our team to succeed in competition, but we want to train new team members and help them obtain the skills that are needed to fuel the team’s success in the future. This is a goal that we prioritize above winning! For students to gain something from their experience of being a part of our team, they need to feel as if they are in a nurturing environment where they know their ideas will be considered. We want people to feel included, and to ultimately learn many new things that will help them succeed in the future.
  3. To win! - We work extremely hard all year long to ensure that our robot is the best! We spend time brainstorming, planning, designing and building; combining the ideas of many members to make a robot that we all believe will help us succeed at competition.

What does our Robot do?

The actual robot will follow several key specifications set for the competition but generally will be a wheeled vehicle capable of undertaking several tasks. These tasks might include picking up a ball and shooting them into baskets or other game-type skills.